Media activities contribute considerably to affirming UFM brand name  
University of Finance - Marketing (UFM) starts a refresher course on defense and security for Subjects 3 and 4  
UFM students go on a field trip to Lotte Legend Hotel Saigon  
HIEN MINH – Champion of UFM Student’s Singing Contest “I CAN SING” - Season 3  
World’s No-Tobacco Day at UFM: ebullient propaganda activities  
5,000 job offers on Recruitment Day - JOB FAIR UFM 2018  
Recruitment Day - What Does Job Fair UFM 2018 Offer?  
Press Conference on Employee Recruitment Day - UFM 2018 Job Fair  
UFM opens the exhibition of  
UFM Holds Graduation Ceremony for First Awarding Round of Master’s Degree in 2018  
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