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Champion of First Season’s UFM VOICE TALENT found
  • In the evening of May 5th, 2018, the Search-for-MCs Contest of 2018 UFM Voice Talent Finals took place with the competition of the top 7 contestants. Attending the night of final round were Dr. Hoang Duc Long, UFM President; Mr. Hua Minh Tuan, Vice-President; Dr. Le Trung Dao, Vice-President and a large number of teachers, sponsors, press agencies and students.

    Top 7 contestants open the program.
    Dr. Hoang Duc Long gives thank-you letters and campaign medals to the sponsors of the contest.
    Mr. Hua Minh Tuan presents thank-you letters and campaign medals to the jury of the final.
    Dr. Le Trung Dao presents thank-you letters and campaign medals to the coaches.

  • In the final round, contestants had to go through the two-part performance, assuming a pre-drawn lots of a UFM program with full contents such as double lead, single lead and socializing with inviting guests. Then the jury selected the top 3 contestants to enter the second part, each had a random draw and a 3 minute-preparation to present a hot topic in the society today: start-up, educational pressure and pedophilia.

    Team of coaches Tuyet Ngan & Minh Tan with 3 members: Ngoc Ngan, Thu Hoai, Thanh Hang contest for ‘I Can Sing’.
    Champion of Season 2’s “I Can Sing”, Mac Gia Nhi supports contestants in the MC contest of “I Can Sing”.
    Team of coach Viet Linh with 2 members Nhat Duc, Dao Mai participating in the ‘Relay to school’ program socialize with character Thu Thao.
    Team of coach Quan Duc with two members Kieu Nhi, Ho Tin takinging part in the UFM Special program, socialize with guest Redka.

  • The contestants had really skill and spirit, and were confident to convey the content of the rounds in a professional and excellent manner thanks to the training of coaches MC Quan Duc, MC Viet Linh and the pair MC Tuyet Ngan and Minh Tan. Finally, with the cleverness, sharpness, living language and good performance, contestant Ho Dang Trung Tin had conquered the jury who are famous MCs such as Phan Anh, Tung LEO, Hong Phuong, Hoai Huong, and Quynh Chi to excel all other contestant to become the first winner of the competition.

    Top 3 excellent candidates enter the second part of the contest.
    MC Tung LEO, member of the jury, gives comments.
    MC Phan Anh, member of the jury, gives comments.
    MC Hong Phuong, member of the jury, gives comments.

  • Previously, in order to enter the final round, 7 contestants had to spend nearly 2 months competing in 3 tense and challenging rounds from the Top 32 to the Top 18 and to the Final. Overcoming the first moments when one was still like a fish out of water and diffident, the 7 talented contestants had conquered the jury, the coaches, and the audience, being more mature in each contesting round.

    11 contestants stop at the semi-finals receive competition certificates.
    Contestant Kieu Nhi receives the prize for the Most Favorite Contestant and Contestant Thanh Truc receives the prize for the Most Emotive Voice.
    The four contestants Dao Mai, Thu Hoai, Ngoc Ngan and Kieu Nhi receive the encouragement prizes.
    Contestant Thanh Hang from the team of coaches Tuyet Ngan, Minh Tan wins the 3rd prize.
    Contestant Nhat Duc from the team of coach Viet Linh wins the runner-up prize.
    Contestant Quan Tin from the team of coach Quan Duc wins the championship.

  • It can be said that the Search-for-MCs Contest of 2018 - UFM Voice Talent Finals had fulfilled its objectives as a playground, a unique experience and an environment for UFM students to show their passion and talent for the job of an MC. The contest made the dreams come true, bringing special emotions and probably unforgettable memories.

    Contestants receive first, second and third prizes.

  • The contest was honored to receive support from My Hoa Travel & Oversea Study Ltd. (Silver Sponsor), Long Phat Real Estate Trading Ltd. (Silver Sponsor) and Make up Tan Nguyen (Bronze Sponsor).
  • For more information and contest photos, please access: www.facebook.com/voicetalent.ufm.

    Source: UFM’s Vietnamese Website.