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High-school Students elatedly experience one-day UFMers
  • Nearly 500 students from Tran Hung Dao High School and Tan Phong High School in Ho Chi Minh City on March 31 had a day of sightseeing, excitedly experiencing the university learning environment in the program: "Being one-day UFMERS" held by the University of Finance – Marketing (UFM).

    View of the Event.

  • The program provided students with practical experiences in the daily activities of UFM students. On the "One-Day UFMERS" journey, students were tested and given career orientation on their self preferences and suggested suitable careers for themselves. They also went on a tour around the well-equipped campus and were introduced to an overview of the University, advised on necessary information about the University’s enrollment.

    Students are actively involved in a career-oriented test.
    Modern, spacious library to meet the needs of study and research.
    Students pay visits to the classrooms, functional rooms and dormitories.
    Students carefully learn about the enrollment information as well as the traditional history of the University, activities of the Youth Union – Students’ Association.
    Heads of the Faculty, Department, Center of the University exchange ideas, directly answering students’ questions about issues related to the enrollment, career orientation.

  • Trang Nhung exclaimed, "I feel that these activities are very important and useful to us. Instead of finding the information online, today we took part in the online career test and visited the learning and living environment of the current university students.” The program has impressed many highschool students. Dang Khoa said, "I had the opportunity to experience a day full of exciting as UFM students. After participating in this program, I will try to learn and determined to become a student of UFM’s D18 training program”.
    Dr. Le Trung Dao offers UFM gifts for UFM’s gratitude to high school teachers.
  • UFM Vice-President, Dr. Le Trung Dao, said, "The One-Day UFMERS has helped students gain practical experiences in the university learning environment. Through this program, I believe that you (high-school students) are happy, cheerful and more confident now to be ready for your high-school finals and university entrance. UFM lecturers and I myself are looking forward to seeing you at the University of Finance - Marketing after the 2018 university enrollment.
    The students pose for taking photos after the event.
  • Source: UFM’s Vietnamese Website.