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[ONLINE CONSULTANCY] No. 3: What to learn in Real Estate Academic Subject & Valuation Major?
  • The No 2 broadcasting of the “TV Online Admissions & Career Consultancy” program in 2018 conducted by the University of Finance – Marketing (UFM) was on the air on March 22, 1818 themed as "What to learn in the real estate academic subject and Valuation major". The program has brought a lot of useful and interesting information, and more importantly the career orientation after the graduation given by the invited guests.

    A screenshot from the video of No 2 online counselling program.

  • Attending the program were business leaders who are longtime experts in the profession:
    • Mr. Tran Le Thanh Hien - CEO of Real Estate Services Corporation.
    • Mr. Ho Phuc Vinh - Expert from Pricing Department, HCMC Finance Service, alumnus of UFM Department of Valuation & Realty Business..
  • Participating in the program were also lecturers from UFM’s Department of Valuation & Realty Business:
    • Ms. Nguyen Thanh Nha – Vice-Head of Department of Valuation & Realty Business;
    • Mr. Hoang Tuan Dung - Lecturer, Department of Valuation & Realty Business.
  • In the program, the candidates were advised by the Advisory Board on specific issues such as:
    • What is real estate?
    • What is valuation?
    • Career opportunities for these two professions.
    • Factors to help students succeed from the chosen profession.
    • Academic training programs.
  • The bottom line is the provision of the most necessary information, thence the counseling program would bring to those who are interested in the profession the accurate and most practical knowledge, so that they can avoid thinking mistakenly about the profession of their choice.

    Scene of the online consultancy.

  • There must have been many of you who have become fond of and passionate about this profession after watching the program because of the interesting and fascinating things that the Real Estate and Valuation training programs have brought to you.
  • Questions and concerns about this profession will continue to be answered when you send messages to the fanpage or contact directly through the hotline 0283. 772 04 06 or 0283. 772 04 07.

    Delegates pose for photo taking after the online consultancy.

  • The important broadcasting of the series "Online TV Consultancy 2018" will be the No. 4 issue themed as “All Answers to Admissions in 2018”. Have you noted the broadcasting time yet? Keep track of the programs and send your questions and queries to the program immediately to be answered.
  • The usual broadcasting timeframe is at 18:00 every Thursday. This will air on March 29, 2018. The program is available at www.ufm.edu.vn and Fanpage www.facebook.com/tuyensinhufm.

    Source: UFM’s Vietnamese Website.