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University of Finance - Marketing recruits 4,200 students for 4-years university programs, 600 students for 3-years college programs
  • The University of Finance - Marketing (UFM) is gradually rising to become one of the top universities in the system of economic institutions in HCMC in particular and in the region in general. Besides the continuous improvement of the quality of teaching and learning, and facilities, UFM also provides learners with advanced, practical and applicable programs. This is what makes the brand of UFM.

    UFM's students at internal library.

  • UFM’s multi-disciplinary training

    • With a tradition of nearly 45 years of establishment and development, and having undergone many changes in name and level of education, UFM has made remarkable progress and is now one of the top universities in the economic sector, providing highly-qualified human resources in 11 learning branches and training fields. UFM has constantly invested in physical facilities, laboratories for experiments and practices, libraries, curriculums, as well as strengthening cooperation with businesses to bring practicality closer to theory. As a leading institution in the training of a number of academic branches such as Marketing, Business Administration, Finance - Banking or Valuation, UFM has in recent years provided the labor market with dynamic, creative and highly-qualified human resources.
    • In addition, UFM also attaches special importance to student support and their activities such as extracurricular activities, culture and artistic performances, and sports. The brand of UFM students has been hallmarked in a number of competitions such as the “20-year-olds Sing” (VTV6), the Musical Caravan (HTV), the Nationwide Student Singing Festival, the Nationwide Student Athletics Festival that created a school for students to develop in all aspects.
  • Admissions of 4,200 university students, 600 college students

    • In the Summer of 2018, the University of Finance - Marketing will recruit students based on their results of the National High School finals with the 4 discipline combinations of A00, A01, D01 and the new combination of D96 (Math, English, Social Sciences) for university degree, and 6 combinations of A00, A01, C00, D01, D78 (Philology, English, Social Sciences) and D96 (Math, English, Social Sciences) for college degree, all coded as DMS. At the same time, certain candidates will be recruited directly in accordance with the Regulations on Enrollment and candidates who won prizes in the National Excellent Students’ Contest, National Science and Technology Contest, with appropriate combinations of learning subjects. In 2018, UFM will also consider high-school academic results with the priority of direct admission of candidates who won the title of excellent high-school students for 3 consecutive years. These candidates may register for direct entry into regular, high-quality, and international programs.
  • High-quality and international training programs

    • In addition to the regular programs, UFM also offers high-quality and international programs. These are the two programs that require a certain level of English competency of students, and they will be provided the best learning conditions, from which the output quality will be guaranteed. Candidates who are high-school graduates and have passed the admission requirement are eligible to apply directly based on their high-school academic results or based on the results of the national high-school finals in 2018 under UFM’s enrollment plan. In particular, candidates who are admitted to the regular program are eligible to apply for admission to high-quality or international programs if they meet the entry requirements of the programs and obtain 250 TOEIC scores at the minimum (to be held by UFM after admission) or obtain other English certificates equivalent to TOEFL paper 327 scores, TOEFL CPT 50, TOEFL iBT 15) IELTS 2,0 and CEF A2) which are still valid for a period of 2 years from the date of issuance to the date of receipt of the certificate.
  • For more information, please visit www.ufm.edu.vn and www.facebook.com/tuyensinhufm or contact us through the hotline 0283.772.04.05 - 0283.772.04.06. You can also follow the "Online TV Admissions and Career Counseling 2018" to be broadcast live at ‘UFM Admission’ website and fanpage in every Thursday evening (18:00 – 20:00) for experts’ direct consultancy.
  • ADMISSIONS OFFICE: 2/4 Tran Xuan Soan, Tan Thuan Tay Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City.

    Admissions registration code and enrollment quota for undergraduate programs.

    Admissions registration code and enrollment quota for 3-year college programs (High-quality programs).

  • Source: UFM’s Vietnamese Website.