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UFM 2018 Civil Service Officials’ Meeting
  • In the morning of January 17, 2018, the University of Finance – Marketing (UFM) under the authorization of the UFM Party Committee and the School Council, held the 2018 meeting of civil servants and employees under the chairmanship of the Board of Management and Trade Union Executive Committee. Attending the meeting there were Mr. Nguyen Thanh Do, Head of Legal Policy and member of the Standing Committee of the HCMC Labor Federation; UFM President and Secretary of the Party Committee Dr. Hoang Duc Long, together with the officials and lecturers who are members of the Party Committee and the Board of Management, and other heads of departments, offices and centers and delegates elected at grassroots levels.

    The scene of the meeting.
    Presidium (from left to right): Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phan Dinh Nguyen, Vice-President; Dr. Hoang Duc Long, President; Dr. Pham Le Quang, Labor Union Chairman.

  • The meeting aims to summarize and evaluate the results of the implementation of the missions of 2017; confirm the achievements, and point out the shortcomings and limitations that need to be overcome in the past year; on that basis, the direction and tasks of the university in 2018 should be set in accordance with the new situation, especially post-merger situation in order to maintain stability and continue to develop according to the Development Strategy put forward by the University.

    Dr. Nguyen Van Hien, Vice-President summarizes UFM’s performance in 2017.
    Delegates at the meeting.

  • Reporting on the university’s performance in the past year, Dr. Nguyen Van Hien clearly depicted the results and achievements that the school achieved in 2017, especially the excellent completion of the task of educational quality assurance according to the standards set by the Ministry of Education and Training. In addition, the significant changes after the fact that the College of Finance - Customs had merged with the University of Finance - Marketing poses great challenges and difficulties that require the solidarity and hand-joining of all the people of the two institutions.

    UFM Vice-President Hua Minh Tuan reports at the meeting.
    Ms. Dinh Nam Binh, Acting Head of Planning-Finance, reports at the meeting.

  • In addition, other functional units of the university also reported on professional activities of the university in 2017. At the same time there were other presentations and proposed solutions to improve the quality of education and to achieve goals set forth in the university’s development strategy. At the meeting, the Presidium as well as other UFM’s functional departments also answered thoroughly the questions asked by officials and lecturers of the university.

    Mr. Nguyen Thanh Do, Head of Legal Policy and member of the Standing Committee of the HCMC Labor Federation speaks at the meeting.

  • Representing the HCMC Labor Federation, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Do highly appreciated the effective activities of UFM’s labor union in working with the laborers, taking care and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of all the laborers. Especially, in the past year, UFM’s Labor Union performed many creative activities which brought in practical effects, creating many playgrounds for employees to have a chance of communicate, getting connected with each other. In his closing speech, Dr. Hoang Duc Long approved a system of targets that the university must implement in 2018, such as achieving 100% enrollment targets, improving the education quality, perfecting facilities and strengthening the international cooperation relations. Delegates at the meeting voted and passed the said system of targets.

    Delegates have speech at the meeting.

  • After more than 4 hours of hard work with full responsibility of the delegates, the meeting completed the entire agenda and concluded successfully.

    Source: UFM’s Vietnamese Website.