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Conference on Admissions & Career Counseling in 2017 and implementation of 2018 Plan
  • On January 11, 2018, the University of Finance - Marketing (UFM) held a conference to summarize the work of admissions and vocational guidance in 2017, and to implement the 2018 plan under the chairmanship of UFM Vice-President Hua Minh Tuan, Standing Deputy-Secretary of the Party Committee and Dr. Le Trung Dao, UFM Vice-President, Party Deputy-Secretary, in the presence of various departmental heads and vice heads, and other unit heads.

    The scene of the conference.
    UFM Vice-President Hua Minh Tuan speaks at the conference.

  • In his opening speech, Mr. Hua Minh Tuan praised the results achieved in the task of admissions and career orientation in 2017, and acknowledged the active contribution of teachers and students who had enthusiastically assisted in the campaign, which brought about a hallmark of UFM recruitment season with certain success. Besides, Mr. Hua Minh Tuan also requested that the staff of the recruitment and career orientation need to go ahead and anticipate significant changes by the Ministry of Education and Training in 2018 in order to come up with effective solutions to achieve the goals set by the University.

    Mr. Nguyen Thai Chau, Director of Center for Admissions & Corporate Relations reports on admissions activities in 2017.
    Ms. Nguyen Thanh Nha, Vice-Head of Department of Valuation & Real Estate Business presents at the conference.
    Mr. Tran Minh Tung, Vice-Head of IT Department presents his report at the conference.

  • At the conference, the Training Management Department, the Center for International Cooperation, the Department of Information Technology, the Department of Valuation and Real Estate Business and the Youth Union presented their co-report on the work of admissions and career counseling in 2018.

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Nguyen Ngoc Anh Thu, Director of Center for International Cooperation presents her report at the conference.
    Mr. Nguyen Thanh Dong, UFM Youth Union’s Secetary, presents his report at the conference.
    Mr. Pham The Vinh, Head of Examination & Quality Assurance exchanges ideas with delegates at the conference.

  • Enrollment and career guidance is one of the most important tasks of the university each year. Good enrollment means that the university has a truly good reputation and quality education to receive the trust of the society. Careful career counseling will help candidates select the right career and bring more value to the community. As a matter of fact, each year, the picture of student enrollment and career guidance has different colors, depending on changes made by MoET and self enrollment regulations of each school. It can be said that those who do recruitment/admissions work must constantly study, learn about these changes of enrollment to adapt their recruitment activities over the years to comply with the set regulations. The conference is an opportunity for UFM leaders and the recruitment team to look back the past stages and set out the direction and tasks for the new year.

    Mr. Hua Minh Tuan, vice president, having closing speech at the conference.

    Source: UFM’s Vietnamese Website.