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International Seminar on "Normal and Non-normal Approximation by Stein's Method"
  • In the morning of December 27, 2017, the University of Finance – Marketing (UFM) held an international seminar entitled "Normal and Non-normal Approximation by Stein's Method" with Prof. Qi-Man Shao, Head of Statistics Department from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, as the key speaker and the participation of UFM leaders and departmental leadership of Fundamental Subjects including lecturers of Mathematics and Statistics and graduate students of this academic major.

    View of the seminar.

  • At the seminar, Prof. Qi-Man Shao and participants exchanged and discussed ideas and together analyzed the results of an extensive research that the Professor has done in the past several years in the field of statistics and probabilities. This is an opportunity for the faculty of Mathematics and Statistics of the Department of Fundamental Subjects to gain experience in teaching and researching. This is especially an opportunity for them to receive and exchange their professional research findings with a leading expert in theories of statistics and probabilities and their applications. In addition, this seminar also facilitates university lecturers, mathematicians, doctoral candidates and graduate students in statistical probability to interact with an international expert on Stein’s Method to learn and discuss their research results.

    Prof. Qi-man Shao reports on his research.

  • Prof. Qi-Man Shao, Head of Statistics Department, University of Hong Kong, is a world leading expert in Probability and Statistics with his report on the study of "Normal and Non-normal Approximation by Stein's Method.”.

    Source: UFM’s Vietnamese Website.