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UFM launches National Defense & Security Training course
  • On the morning of December 18, 2017, the University of Finance - Marketing solemnly held the opening ceremony of the training course on National Defense and Security at its District 9 campus, Ho Chi Minh City with the attendance of Mr. Vu Ba Thanh, Senior Expert, Representative of the Department of Defense Education under the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET), Mr. Hua Minh Tuan, UFM Vice-President and a great number of UFM lecturers, officials and staffs.

    View of the opening ceremony.
    Mr. Hua Minh Tuan speaks at the ceremony.

  • Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Hua Minh Tuan heightened the students’ awareness of their sense of discipline, order, living style and study. He emphasized that the training course on national defense and security, in addition to equipping students with basic knowledge of national defense and security, also trains them to be more mature in the military environment. Students will become familiar with lifestyle, learning, living and disciplines of the army. They will be able to work and study in a healthy environment, stick together and have solidarity, opportunities for teamwork, self-reliance, adaptation and initiative to solve problems in different conditions and situations with independence and high sense of community.
  • In order to fulfill the task of the course, he suggested that the staffs and lecturers should raise their sense of responsibility, dedication and enthusiasm to instruct, teach and help students. Students are encouraged to continue learning, promote the creative dynamism of youth, always try to study, train and support each other to well complete the course. Mr. Hua Minh Tuan believes that students will overcome all difficulties and differences of this particular but meaningful course.

    Mr. Vu Ba Thanh speaks at the ceremony.

  • On behalf of MoET’s Department of Defense Education, Mr. Vu Ba Thanh asserted that National Defense & Security training is a compulsory subject in the university training program that is to be implemented, students must study and practice under the curriculum and are only granted certificate once they complete the course. He urged students to take the course seriously to implement the training regulations and regulations of the university to ensure good outcome of learning and training. Mr. Vu Ba Thanh also noted the great contribution of the leadership team, lecturers and staff of the Department of Defense Education and Physical Training throughout the past years, hoping the Department will continue to maintain and further develop the Department in particular and the University of Finance - Marketing in general.

    Delegates pose for photo taking at the opening ceremony.

  • Also at this opening, Mr. Ho Trung Nghi, Head of Defense Education and Physical Training Department, launched the emulation movement in the 2017-2018 school year with the following contents: students must identify their thoughts, are clearly aware of their responsibilities, have a serious attitude in learning; train and obey disciplines, fully participate in the course in accordance with regulations, well observe all rules and regulations of the school. In addition to studying in the lecture hall and training in drill-ground, they have to actively participate in physical activities, sports and arts performances to create a joyful and exciting atmosphere, and unity among youth students.

    UFM students line up orderly, abide by all class rules as in the military.
    Students listen attentively to the instructor’s lecture.
    UFM uniforms with yellow caps help students focus more on learning.
    Students’ happy laughs after seriously hard learning hours.

    Source: UFM’s Vietnamese Website.