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Multi-purpose English laboratory for UFM students
  • More than two months after signing a contract with the University of Finance – Marketing (UFM), PTI Post Insurance Corporation and DB Cultural Foundation (Korea) have recently offered a very meaningful and practical gift to UFM students according to the terms of cooperation agreement between the two sides on December 08, 2017.

    Panel at the offering ceremony.

  • Accordingly, the DB Cultural Scholarship Fund, which was established in 1969 by the DB Group (Korea), aims to support students who have good academic achievements and to build the best learning environment for students around the world. Over the years, this cultural scholarship fund has come to Vietnam with a series of practical and meaningful programs, and by now at UFM it has built a multipurpose English lab with well-ventilated space and modern equipment for students to learn English as well as hold group study. This is a very good condition for UFM students to have more places to study and improve their skills in the world's most popular language.

    UFM President, Dr. Hoang Duc Long speaks at the ceremony.
    On behalf of UFM, Dr. Hoang Duc Long offers souvenir gifts to thank PTI Group and DB Cultural Foundation (Korea) for their support.

  • UFM President, Dr. Hoang Duc Long highly appreciated the rate of progress made by the companies for this English lab, saying that immediately after the signing of the cooperation agreement, the companies had executed the construction of the lab, and handed it over in just over 2 months. He also appreciated the meaning of the lab in the current environment and expressed his sincere thanks to the DB Cultural Foundation (Korea) and the Post Insurance Corporation (PTI).

    Mr. Bui Xuan Thu, PTI Director-General speaks at the ceremony.
    Mr. Kim Kang Wook, Vice Chairman of PTI Board of Directors, Representatives of DB Cultural Foundation Foundation (Korea), speaks at the ceremony.

  • PTI Director-General, Mr. Bui Xuan Thu also hoped that with this new classroom, the company could help improve the learning conditions, facilities of the school and expected that students would make good use of the modernly equipped lab to improve their language competence.

  • The multi-purpose English lab with fully equipped facilities to learn English such as Internet-connected computers, online TV, printers + photocopiers with 500 books in basic English aims to create a diversified and professional English learning environment. The lab is also designed with open space so that students can study independently but can also be used to hold workshops and/or group-study sessions for students to improve their communication skills through discussions in English.

    Source: UFM’s Vietnamese Website.