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UFM receives certificate of accreditation in celebration of Vietnam Teacher’s Day
  • On the morning of November 18, 2017, the University of Finance - Marketing (UFM) solemnly celebrated Vietnam Teachers' Day on November 20 and received the certificate of educational accreditation for the period of 2012-2016. The event was attended by the leaders from the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education & Training, and various departments, branches and organizations in Ho Chi Minh City. Representatives from various universities, colleges, and businesses that have cooperation relationships with UFM, leaders of various state agencies in Ho Chi Minh City and other cities and provinces were also present at the ceremony. As for the University, there were UFM president, Dr. Hoang Duc Long - Secretary of the Party Committee, former leaders of the university through various periods, lecturers who are heads of departments, faculties and centers together with a large number of lecturers, officials and students.

    View of the ceremony.

  • For over 40 years of establishment and development, UFM has contributed positively to the cause of socio-economic development of the country and trained a great number of students who had become officials and experts in such fields as economics, finance & banking, accounting, marketing, customs, etc. The University always promotes the tradition of solidarity, overcomes difficulties, raises the spirit of dynamism and creativity in the implementation of the missions of the university and the financial sector, gradually bringing the University’s operation into order with high efficiency. Particularly, UFM has actively carried out the self-assessment process according to the standards of accreditation set by the Ministry of Education & Training; completed the external assessment for the period of 2012 - 2016 and achieved the accreditation standards for educational institutions, and today the university solemnly held the ceremony for announcing the decision of accredited educational institution for UFM and received the certificate of accreditation of education quality.

    UFM President, Dr. Hoang Duc Long gives opening speech.

  • Speaking at the ceremony, UFM President and Secretary of the University’s Party Committee, Dr. Hoang Duc Long expressed his sincere thanks and deep gratitude to the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education & Training, Ho Chi Minh City’s Party Committee and the People's Committee, HCMC University-College-Vocational School Party Committee, HCMC Labor Federation, central and local agencies and organizations, HCMC universities & colleges, home scientists, foreign experts, business agencies, and central and HCMC press agencies for having consistently accompanied, cooperated and helped the University for the past 40 years. The President also expected that "All UFM lecturers, officials and staff always promote the united solidarity and together build a stronger school; May teachers always be examples of morality, of the will to study, to train and to be creative! You, the teachers, will be the leading models in the creation and spread of knowledge, so that over time, the university will have many more teachers who will be awarded the title of People's Teacher and/or Meritorious Teacher and many will be recognized as qualified professorship; in particular, many young educators have successfully defended their doctoral dissertations and will make further contributions to the educational cause of their country."

    UFM receives Certificate of Educational Accreditation for 2012-2016 period.
    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Hoi Nghia, Vice-Chancellor of HCMC National University, Director of Center for Educational Accreditation, speaks at the ceremony.

  • At the ceremony, the university was honored to receive the Government’s emulation flag, the Excellent Labor title, the Certificate of Merit from the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor, the Ho Chi Minh Central Communist Youth Union’s Emulation Flag and particularly, to receive the certificate of accreditation of higher education quality in the period of 2012 - 2016 from the Ministry of Education & Training.

    College of Finance- Customs (now being merged with UFM) receives the Government’s Emulation Flag.
    UFM receives the title of Excellent Labor.
    UFM’s Labor Union receives Certificate of Merit from the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor.
    UFM’s Youth Union receives the Ho Chi Minh Central Communist Youth Union’s Emulation Flag.
    UFM receives bouquet of flowers from MoF on Teacher’s Day.
    Vice-Principal of Southern Laos’s College of Finance, Mr. Bun Henh Phom Ma Thep, gives flowers to UFM on Vietnam Teacher’s Day.
    Mr. Le Van Ngay, former UFM Vice-President gives meaningful gift to UFM at the ceremony.
    UFM students show their gratefulness to UFM teachers on the 35th anniversary of VN Teacher’s Day.

    Source: UFM’s Vietnamese Website.