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"Startup Speedway 2017 - startup racing" officially launched
  • On the morning of November 15, 2017, the “Startup Speedway 2017” Competition was officially opened at the City’s Youth Cultural House with the participation of over 400 students from many universities in Ho Chi Minh City. "Startup Speedway 2017", a start-up competition, organized for the first time by UFM Youth Union and the Youth Cultural House under the professional sponsorship of UFM’s Department of Business Administration. This is a large, useful and quality playground; a place for adding wings to business dreams, and start-up ideas to be formed and developed. The contest is financed by Asian Language Institute ALUNI, VietSkills Soft Skills Training Limited Company and Boardgame Viet, Ltd.

    The riual of pushing” Kick Off” button to officially launch the "Startup Speedway 2017".
    Delegates attend the opening ceremony.

  • The opening ceremony was attended by UFM Vice President, Dr. Nguyen Van Hien (Standing Member of Party Committee), Mr. Pham Quoc Luyen (Vice Head of the Business Administration Department), Mr. Nguyen Hong Lam (Deputy Secretary of Party Cell, Head of Training Department of Youth Culture House), Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy Huong (Deputy Director of Propaganda Committee, Ho Chi Minh City Lawyers Association), Mr. Nguyen Van Hau (Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Lawyers Association), Mr. Le Hoang (Vice President of Vietnam Publishing Association), Mr. Tran Dang Khoa (CEO of TechDev Corporation), Ms. Ho Phuong Thao (CEO of Boardgame Viet) and UFM lectures representing various training departments, and supporting organizations.

    UFM Vice President, Dr. Nguyen Van Hien gives opening speech.

  • Speaking at the ceremony, UFM Vice President, Dr. Nguyen Van Hien stressed that starting a business is very important as it supports the formation of a network of small and medium enterprises, creates jobs for the unemployed, value for the society with products of spiritual and material value. The contest is one of the good environments for students to experience, to be creative and to express their passion for business. Startup ideas are formed mainly by young people who are passionate about getting rich and creative, especially those who are studying or have just graduated. These young people are full of enthusiasm, have enough agility, the ability to grasp the new knowledge and technology, the courage and desire to assert themselves more than their predecessors though the latter have more experience advantages. “So if you are young and have nothing in your hands, do not worry, try experimenting and failing. Starting a business is never an easy choice for everyone. But if you have enough determination and persistence, and are brave enough to face the difficult challenges that you may encounter on the way to start a business, then this may probably be the path that suits you.”

    Promoters grant scholarships to the start-up competition.
    Secretary of UFM Youth Union offers flowers to delegates.

  • The most important part of the opening ceremony - the ritual of pushing "Kick Off" button to officially launch the "Startup Speedway 2017" contest - was conducted by Dr. Nguyen Van Hien, Mr. Pham Quoc Luyen and Mr. Nguyen Hong Lam.

    Talkshow "Youth with Vietnamese Law - Start up - More than a career".

  • After the opening ceremony, the Talkshow "Youth with Vietnamese Law - Startup - More than a career" under the guidance of the charming MC Nguyen Thi Thuy Huong, professional guests talked about the issues of starting a business, shared the practical experience, expertise and skills needed for an entrepreneur and the passionate factor in their startup process to provide the students with the knowledge they need to understand the legal and non-legal aspects in the start-up to prepare for a start-up project. In addition, Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, Head of the International Cooperation Division of the Center for Supporting Youths, also approved the government’s start-up projects to help young people who want to start their business raise capital more easily. At the end of the seminar came the questions on corporate laws by MC Thuy Hang which attracted the attention of many students.

    Delegates pose for photo taking.

    Source: UFM’s Vietnamese Website.