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Sacombank continues to offer Opportunities for UFM students to become potential on-the-Job Trainees
  • On the morning of September 29, Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Sacombank) in co-ordination with UFM’s Center for Admissions and Corporate Relations held one of the annual recruitment programs of the bank: “Sacombank’s Potential Trainees” (SPT).

    View of the event

  • Starting in 2010, "Sacombank's Potential Trainees" is one of the most attractive and effective recruiting programs that the Bank, which has the largest branch network in Vietnam, held. Every year, the program attracts more than 1,000 students from 153 colleges and universities nationwide, with a retention rate of over 80% after trainees’ internship. This is the shortest way for senior students in banking and related fields to be able to become members of the Sacombank great family after their internship.

    UFM Vice-President, Mr. Hua Minh Tuan speaks at the event
    Sacombank Deputy-Director, Tan Binh Branch, speaks at the event
    UFM Vice-President offers flowers to Sacombank Deputy-Director

  • At UFM, the program introduces SPT is integrated into the annual recruitment festival for students at positions of individual customer service staff, consultants and tellers. Specifically, students will do a test in Round 1 and the candidates who have achieved the required scores will enter the interview round and will know the results on the same day whether they become trainees of the program or not.

    Sacombank Deputy-Director of HR, Mr. Nguyen Tuong Quang exchanges ideas with UFM students
    UFM students take a test on their professional knowledge

  • Upon being admitted to the program, students will enter their internship and finish their internship by the end of November, knowing if they will become official bank employees or not.

    Interviewer directly interviews candidates
    UFM students are confident in front of interview panel

    Source: UFM’s Vietnamese Website