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University of Finance – Marketing (UFM) and Post and Telecommunications Joint-Stock Corporation (PTI) sign Co-operation Agreement
  • A signing ceremony for cooperation between UFM and PTI took place on 25/9/2017 at UFM headquarters. Attending the signing ceremony was the school directorate and representatives of the leaders of the corporation.

    The panel at the signing ceremony

  • This is the first time the university and the insurance company signed up to work together. At the signing ceremony, the university also approved the Memorandum of Understanding, which clearly states the responsibilities and interests of each party. The MOU will be effective until 2022.

    Dr. Hoang Duc Long, Party Committee Secretary, UFM President speaks at the ceremony
    Mr. Kim Kang Wook, PTI Vice-Chairman of the Board speaks at the ceremony
    Mr. Bui Xuan Thu, PTI Director-General speaks at the ceremony

  • Speaking at the ceremony, UFM President, Dr. Hoang Duc Long expressed his appreciation to the corporation, giving thanks and hope for a long-term relationship between the two parties. Dr. Hoang Duc Long also hopes that the relationship between the two parties will be good and that when the agreement expires, it will be re-signed to maintain the relationship as well as mutual affection. Also at the ceremony, Mr. Kim Kang Wook, Vice Chairman of PTI Board of Directors, expressed his pleasure and hope for further cooperation with the university.

    UFM President, Dr. Hoang Duc Long and PTI Director-General, Mr. Bui Xuan Thu sign and exchange the MOU
    UFM President, Dr. Hoang Duc Long and PTI Director-General, Mr. Bui Xuan Thu exchanged the MOU

  • The signing ceremony aims to create conditions for students in UFM’s various academic majors in general and students of the Department of Finance & Banking in particular to have access to the real working environment at businesses in the field of finance, insurance and investment; and at the same time, to improve the training quality to ensure that students are to meet the university’s graduation requirements, and that students will have access to the application of science and technology, skills training and ethic cultivation, proving their creativity. This will also open a long-term relationship between UFM and PTI, which is the basis for improving the quality of education of the university as well as expanding the brand and reputation of the corporation.

    Mr. Kim Kang Wook, PTI Vice-Chairman of the Board givesDr. Hoang Duc Long, UFM President a bunch of flowers
    Delegates pose for photo-taking after the signing ceremony

    Source: UFM’s Vietnamese Website