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The University of Finance - Marketing organizes a training course on the preparation for the quality
  • The University of Finance - Marketing (UFM) held direct admissions in the exciting atmosphere of the ebullient 2,500 new students on August 7-8, 2017 at UFM Head Office.
  • The admissions process is scientifically and logically organized, which makes it easier for new students to perform tasks such as paying tuition fees, completing enrollment applications as prescribed, submitting Party/Youth union cards, registering a place in dormitories or boarding houses, or buying sportswear or UFM outfits. In addition, from the past two years up to now, UFM has organized physical examinations directly at the campus so new students do not need to go to the hospital for check-up, contributing to shortening the enrollment time.

    New students carry out the admissions process
    New students get help from old and current students
    New students are photographed for student cards

  • Moreover, new students can make online enrollment procedures, declare all their records online, pay school fees by bank transfer; however, this method is quite new and new students’ common psychology is that they still want to come directly to the campus so on the first day, stagnation occurred and the university solved the problem quickly and thoroughly with enthusiastic assistance from its current student force.

    New students get their health checkup right at the campus on the enrollment day
    New students buy sportswear and related items

  • Thus up to now, new students have completely submitted their records, completed the final procedures to confirm the right to admission to the University of Finance - Marketing. The only thing for new UFM students to do now is to be ready for backpacking and going to school to experience their lives at the campus during the next four years with so many activities and celebrations awaiting them.
  • The atmosphere in the middle of August every year for the UFMers alone is always full of excitement and eager momentum to start school again. These days, sophomores, juniors or seniors will meet their friends after a lively volunteer summer. New students will be breathing in a new atmosphere, a university student atmosphere with a lot of new, different things, from their high school days. That is why the admissions momentum that students bring with them will be the start of a colorful and memorable school year

    New students participate in a class of National Defence Education

  • With the 17D cohort’s students, their school season will come a little bit earlier, as they will enter the defense education course on August 11th. After completion of the national defense classes, new students will enter the civics week on September 5 after the National Day holiday. Meanwhile, 2nd, 3rd, and final year students will start their civics week on August 14th and then enter their official professional courses
  • The 2017 - 2018 school year will continue to be the school year in which UFM promotes Youth Union and Association activities, which will include cultural, sports and physical education competitions at the university and city levels. This will continue to be an opportunity for UFMers to show their full potential in various fields, and will also be a place for talented and enthusiastic new students to presents themselves to their seniors
  • As such one more school season has come again, let’s wish the UFMers to have a good new school year, good academic results and nice memories under the shared UFM house. Students can also log onto uis.ufm.edu.vn using their student ID to consult their study schedules, scores or information

    Source: UFM’s Vietnamese Website