• The Library of the University of Finance & Marketing (UFM Library) was established in 2010 (formerly the Library of the Semi-Public University of Marketing). The Library has the function of ensuring the provision of information, service and academic resources for the study, teaching, scientific research and creative learning of students, faculty and staff in the University.
  • The Library is tasked with the design of its long-term and short-term action plans; being responsible for professional work, serving readers with civilized and polite attitude and behavior; strengthening information and research services; actively exploiting information technology applications for efficient management and improvement of its service quality to users; expanding cooperation and exchanging experience with domestic and foreign information agencies and libraries and step by step modernizing information - library work.
  • UFM Library has two working groups: the professional team and the service team. The total number of staff is nine (03 men and 06 women) working in the two campuses.
  • UFM Library has relatively rich information resources in a variety of formats. Library’s resources are supplemented primarily by purchasing from copyrighted publishers and from endogenous resources.
  • Currently, 80% of the Library's materials are of the training majors of the university. In addition, UFM Library has about 20% of its materials in the fields of legal, political, literary, soft skills and others. Further materials added to UFM Library are mainly in Vietnamese and English, in which Vietnamese materials account for 85%. Facilities
  • The library accommodates up to 200 seats for readers, in 2 campuses:
    • Campus 1: 2/4 Tran Xuan Soan, Tan Thuan Tay Ward, District 7
    • Campus 2: 2C Pho Quang Street, Ward 2, Tan Binh District
  • Information Network - Equipment: The library has a LAN system that connects the internet to all active computers for information retrieval needs of users. In addition, the library is equipped with other facilities and technical support systems.
  • Management software: The Library uses PSC zLIS software version 7.0 with modules: addition, cataloging, OPAC, circulation, periodical publication, statistical report... Services of information - library:

Services of information - library:

  • Currently, the library offers the following services:
    • Borrowing - returning materials
    • Internet access
    • Guide and support for information search
    • User’s guide for library

Contact information:

  • Director: Vo Khoi Tho, Eng. (Personal email: vk.tho@ufm.edu.vn)
  • Office phone:(84) 028.37720573 (ext.703)
  • Office email:thuvien@ufm.edu.vn
  • Website:http://thuvien.ufm.edu.vn
  • Address: Floor 6th, 2/4 Tran Xuan Soan St., Tan Thuan Tay Ward, Dist. 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam