Institute of Applied Economics


  • The formation and development of the Institute

    • The Institute for Applied Economics (IAE) belonging to the University of Finance-Marketing was established based on the Decision No. 2507/QD-BTC dated October 4, 2010 of the Minister of Finance.
    • The Institute's scientific and technological activities are defined in the Ministry of Science and Technology's Certificate of Science and Technology Registration No. A-1101 dated 26 April 2013.
    • The Institute of Applied Economics (IAE) staffs consists of 9 members, of which there are 6 lecturers with 2 holding doctorate, 4 with Master’s degree, and 3 office workers with bachelor’s degree. The Institute now has a division of soft skills training.
    • The direction of the Institute's activities is to develop scientific and technological research in terms of policy planning and state management of the finance sector; serving the economic, business and management sectors of organizations and business enterprises in the industry and the society.
  • Training activities

    From the academic year of 2013-2014 until now, the Institute has provided nearly 1,400 soft skills classes with a total student enrollment of 70,000 students. In addition, the Institute has organized soft-skill competitions combined with 15 field trips for students from Classes 12D, 13D, 14D students in the high quality and special training programs and learners of international training program (Malaysia’s HELP University) in such tourist sites as Mui Ne, Madagui, Dam Sen, Vung Tau, Thuy Chau, BCR, Mango Garden, Zoological Garden. Moreover, the Institute has also implemented soft skills training and other training courses for external participants.
  • Research activities

    Since 2015, the Institute has presided over two ministerial-level projects of the Ministry of Finance; 1 project of the State Bank and 03 projects of the university. In addition, the Institute is also assigned to design and develop the project to start new academic majors.
  • Other activities

    In 2016, the Institute worked with IPP (the Vietnam-Finland Innovation Partnership Program) and the University of Finance - Marketing was one of 12 educational institutions that was selected to send lecturers to participate in a training program for innovation and innovation trainers (E & I) and will become a training partner in IPP in the coming years.

Contact information:

  • Director: Dr. Bao Trung (Personal email: baotrung@ufm.edu.vn)
  • Office phone: (84-28) 37720581
  • Office Email: vienkinhte@ufm.edu.vn
  • Website: http://iufm.edu.vn
  • Address: Room 203, 2/4 Tran Xuan Soan Street, Tan Thuan Tay Ward, Dist. 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam