Department of Students Affairs


  • The Department of Student Affairs (DSA) was established by Decision No. 673/QĐ-ĐHTCM dated 10/05/2011 by the President of the University of Finance – Marketing (UFM). The Department has the function of advising on and assisting the President in managing, synthesizing, proposing ideas and performing student affairs duties.
  • Since its establishment, DSA has continuously grown and developed. At present, DSA’s staff consist 11 members with Master’s and Bachelor’s holders assigned with the following responsibilities for:
    • students’ political ideology matters;
    • management of students;
    • policies and regulations for students;
    • students’ movements and Students’ association & Youth Union;
    • school health insurance;
    • dormitories
  • DSA coordinates with other UFM’s faculties and departments to perform the following tasks:
    • Organizing and providing services for conferences, celebrations, school events; scripting and hosting the opening, closing and graduation ceremonies for students;
    • Organizing competitions, sporting events, performances among students;
    • Consulting enrolled students in UFM annually;
    • Managing boarding students and day-students; supporting students and coordinating school health insurance;
    • Arranging accommodation for students in dormitories and facilitating the University’s management task and the study of boarding students;
    • Participating in various boards: students’ exemption from school fees, social allowances; scholarships for students, reward and punishment; students’ leaning assessment;
    • Conducting surveys of graduates’ employment conditions, gathering learners' opinions on teaching activities of the lecturers and the University’s training programs;
    • Being concurrently responsible for UFM’s alumni liaison committee.
  • In the process of building and development, the Department of Student Affairs has successfully fulfilled many tasks for several consecutive years and received a number of certificates of merit from the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Finance and the People's Committee of Ho Chi In the process of building and operating, DSRM has continuously accomplished excellent tasks for many consecutive years and received many certificates of merit from the Ministry of Finance and the Prime Minister. With every individual and collective effort, DSRM has made an active contribution to the overall development of the University. Minh City. With every individual’s and the whole Department’s efforts, DSA has made an active contribution to the overall development of the University.

Contact information:

  • Head: Nguyen Thanh Hai, MA. (Personal email: nguyenthanhhai@tchq.edu.vn)
  • Office phone:(84) 028.37720576
  • Office email:pctsv@ufm.edu.vn
  • Website:http://phongcongtacsinhvien.ufm.edu.vn
  • Address: Room A109, 2/4 Tran Xuan Soan Street, Tan Thuan Tay Ward, Dist. 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam