Department of Administrative Affairs


  • The Office of Personnel & Administration (DPA) is a functional unit directly under the University, established on the Decision No. 1608/QD-DHTCM dated October 13, 2010 by the President of the University of Finance – Marketing (UFM). Since its inception/establishment, DPA has increasingly grown and developed. Up to now, the number of officials of DPA consists of 18 members, including 1 doctorate holder, 5 officials with master’s degree, 7 bachelors and 5 other staff.
  • Functions and duties of the DPA are to advise and recommend to the University’s Management Board issues related to the organization, personnel and administration of UFM. For more than 40 years, the Office which has been renamed from the former Personnel Office, the Personnel & General Affairs Office, and the Personnel & International Organization Office to the current Office of Personnel & Administration in 2010 has always strived to fully accomplish the tasks assigned by the University Management. Recognized for DPA’s achievements, the University Management Board and higher management authorities have granted DPA a number of honorable and noble awards such as the Prime Minister's Certificate of Merit, the Minister of Finance’s Certificate of Merit, etc., and for many consecutive years, DPA has been awarded the title of Excellent Labor Unit. This was a stage that marked the institutionalization of the staff management of the University on the basis of developing and issuing the system of official documents related to human resource management, standardization of leadership positions, and standardization of the emulation and commendation process of the University.
  • In the coming time, the DPA will continue to improve UFM’s legal documents and policies to build and create stability in the University’ organization and staff, contributing to achieving UFM’s development objectives.

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