Faculty of Foreign Languages


  • Officially founded in 1994, the former Business English Section with only four staff has by now developed into the current Faculty of Foreign Language (FFL) with 23 members. Today, it is one of the most reliable addresses that offer English language training in Ho Chi Minh City. Its achievements over the years can be seen in the highly-qualified teaching staff, and teaching divisions of the FFL (Language Skills, Linguistics, Translation & Interpretation, and especially Business Professionals). The programs provide students with a comprehensive command of English language, in both theory and practice. At present, the faculty consists of 22 lecturers with two Doctorate holders, one doing her Ph.D. course in a New Zealand university and the rest with Master’s degree.
  • Entering a new period, FFL is well aware of the economic, political and technological changes at both national and international levels. FFL thus understands the needs for an entirely new approach to university education, especially in the period of global integration where English is considered the key language used for communication in practically every field. Therefore, FFL’s long term strategy clearly shows that its development goal should always be
    • to improve comprehensive training quality;
    • to strengthen and develop FFL as a key educational and training faculty for talented and highly qualified human resources in economics, business and especially the English language to meet the growing requirements of Vietnam’s global economic integration; and
    • to enhance the faculty’s research capacity, contributing to promoting the University’s status and image nationally, regionally and internationally.
  • Both lecturers and administrators are given equal opportunities for their self-development and self-improvement.
  • The FFL of the University of Finance & Marketing (UFM) offers Bachelor’s degrees in English as a Foreign Language (FFL), with a focus on economic and business concepts and practical applications. Accordingly, the programs aim at:
    • Training students in English practical skills ranging from pre-intermediate to advanced levels;
    • Providing them with basic knowledge of British and American languages, societies, cultures and literatures;
    • Equipping them with fundamental knowledge and needed concepts in such fields as economics, commerce, business administration, management, marketing, finance & banking, … ;
    • Enhancing students’ English competency in almost every communicative situation; and
    • Particularly focusing on training students in translating and interpreting skills, which would enable them to integrate into their future working environment, in which English is used as a means of communication.
  • The FFL is responsible for designing and managing not only classes for its students whose major is EFL/ESL but also classes of General English and ESP for students from other academic faculties. Accordingly, the FFL can take the initiative in organizing classes for students of different English levels; compiling, collecting and selecting adequate textbooks and materials appropriate to their professional requirements; and facilitating the teaching assignments.
  • The University has chosen TOEIC/IELTS standards as one of the graduation requirements for its students. The Faculty is therefore also responsible for these types of English training.
The Mission Statement
  • The Faculty of Foreign Languages aims to be a leading provider of HCMC English Language training, especially English translator and interpreter training programs with a focus on business sector. Towards that end we aim to differentiate ourselves from other English language training institutions in the following ways:
    • By offering distinctive courses which focus on and integrated aspects of the following: English language proficiency in Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing; English language theories such as Morphology, Syntax, Phonetics and Phonology, Semantics, Cultures and Literature of English speaking countries, and especially professional subjects in Business studies and practices such as Management, Marketing, Foreign Trade, Finance and Banking, Tourism & Hospitality.
    • By offering courses on translation and interpretation training which are distinctive in drawing upon the above specialist areas.
    • By cooperating and coordinating with foreign partners in organizing seminars, workshops, training courses for the teaching staff to update their knowledge and improve their teaching methodology and techniques.
Contact information:
  • Director : Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Tran Chau (Personal email: n2tranchau@gmail.com)
  • Office phone : (84) 028.39972946
  • Office email: khoangoaingu.ufm@gmail.com
  • Website : http://khoangoaingu.ufm.edu.vn
  • Address: Room 104, 2C Pho Quang Street, Ward 2, Tan Binh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam