Faculty of Commerce


  • The Faculty of Commerce (FOC), was established in 2002 and renamed as the Faculty of Trade and Tourism on 27th May 2004 after the former Semi-Public Marketing College was upgraded to the Semi-Public Marketing University under Decision No. 29/2004/QĐ-TTg dated 05/3/2004 issued by the Prime Minister. On 13th October 2010, the Faculty of Trade and Tourism was divided into two faculties: the Faculty of Trade and the Faculty of Tourism to meet the requirements of scale development and quality improvement after the Semi-Public Marketing University had changed its name to the present University of Finance - Marketing according to Decision No. 395/QĐ-TTg dated 25/3/2009 by the Prime Minister.
  • The FOC has the function and task of training human resources at the undergraduate and graduate levels in international business with professional management and lecturers’ and students’ scientific research; cooperating with other units in the university, other educational institutions and businesses operating in the international business field to train and consult on international business operations.
  • The FOC with lecturers holding doctorate and Master’s degrees who have graduated from well-known foreign universities and leading universities in Vietnam consists of 3 divisions: Division of International Trade; Division of International Business Management; Division of Trade Business. In addition, the faculty regularly receives visiting lecturers and consultants who are professors, associate professors, doctorates and Master’s holders from the top universities in the country and from the business sector.
  • The FOC currently offers accredited undergraduate programs with a focus on academic majors that are aligned with the growing demand for human resources in International Business in 2 training majors: International Trade and International Business Administration, and is on its way to develop a training program in Logistics Management. In terms of the training scale, the Faculty has been training around 2,000 students, of which more than 90% are full time students and 40% are students of advanced and special programs. The principles and objectives of the FOC are to provide its students with:
    • the basics of international business and in-depth knowledge of international trade and international business administration.
    • the capability to plan, develop and implement international business strategies and policies in business enterprises;
    • the capability to use foreign languages in business transactions; analyzing, forecasting and solving problems arising in international business operations in business enterprises;
    • a sense of overcoming difficulties; capability of creative thinking; ability to work independently; self-control and responsibility in teamwork.
  • In order to achieve the above objectives, in addition to the training activities of the University, the FOC has also cooperated closely with more than 30 business enterprises operating in the international business field to jointly design and constructively criticize the training programs; counseling career and trainee internships. The FOC also regularly organizes scientific seminars and academic contests to help lecturers and students improve their scientific research capacity, creative thinking capacity, developing professional skills and soft skills needed for students. As a result, more than 70% of the FOC’s students found employment in the first year after graduation, and most of them met the requirements of employers.
  • In the coming years, in order to meet the changing demand for high-quality human resources in the international business context with Vietnam's integration into the regional and world economy, the FOC will continue to innovate its training activities vigorously and adhere to the ASEAN standards in developing syllabi or curricula. FOC also aims to develop more lecturers with doctorate who can conduct teaching in English. Moreover, FOC is also preparing necessary and sufficient conditions for graduate programs in International Business starting in 2019; training undergraduates in Applied International Business (POHE) from 2020 and achieving AUN-QA for this academic major before 2025.
Contact information:
  • Acting Dean: Dr. Nguyen Xuan Hiep (Personal email: nxhiep@ufm.edu.vn)
  • Office phone: (84) 028. 38479378
  • Office email:khoatm@ufm.edu.vn
  • Website:http://khoathuongmai.ufm.edu.vn
  • Address: Room 502, 2C Pho Quang St., Ward 2, Tan Binh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam