Faculty of Appraisal - Real Estate Business


  • The Faculty of Appraisal & Realty Business (FARB), also called The Faculty of Valuation & Realty Business of the University of Finance-Marketing (UFM) was established in 2010 from the former Faculty of Appraisal (established in 1999). FARB’s mission is to train human resources in valuation and real estate at tertiary education, especially to provide short-term training programs on valuation and real estate business for specialists who are working in state agencies, business enterprises, banks, etc., contributing to enhancing knowledge in the professional career in valuation and real estate business.
  • With the strength of being the country’s first specialized training faculty in appraisal and real estate business, FARB has a faculty of doctors and Master’s lecturers, who are well qualified with professional and practical knowledge. At present, FARB has two divisions:
    • Appraisal
    • Real estate business
  • With the aim of combining theories with practice, FARB has established relationships with state agencies such as HCMC Departments of Finance, Natural Resources and Environment, Construction, etc., other provinces and cities; banks, business enterprises operating in the field of valuation and real estate business to get them comment on the development of FARB’s training programs; holding scientific seminars, thematic reports, implementing the projects of enterprises, organizing career guidance sessions for students on job opportunities after graduation, etc. On the other hand, various banks and businesses also award annual scholarships for students, admissions of students’ internships, creating employment opportunities for students after graduation, etc.
  • FARB students are equipped with the basic knowledge of asset valuation such as real estate, equipment machines, businesses, intangible assets; on that basis, it is possible to apply to the valuation of assets. Students specializing in real estate business are equipped with the basic knowledge of the real estate industry such as real estate brokerage; real estate marketing; valuation of real estate; formulation and appraisal of real estate investment projects; financial consultancy, investment and real estate development; property management; analysis and forecast of real estate markets; on that basis, they can apply to the work related to real estate business.
  • In the past several years, FARB's alumni have been working and achieved prominent positions in universities and colleges; state agencies, banks, business enterprises, etc., partly reflecting their professional competence in every position of their work. This confirms the success of FARB's training programs and, in reality, has confirmed the indispensable needs of the profession of valuation and real estate business in the market economy.
  • In the coming time, FARB will offer the postgraduate training program, continue to promote the scientific research work of its faculty and students, promote international cooperation in exchange programs with the regional universities in the area of valuation training and real estate business, and continue and expand its cooperation programs with current and potential business enterprises to link training with professional practice, creating employment opportunities for students after graduation.
Contact information:
  • Dean : Dr. Pham Duy Linh (Personal email: phamduylinh@ufm.edu.vn)
  • Office phone:(84) 028.39976409
  • Office email:khoadgkdbds@ufm.edu.vn
  • Website:http://khoathamdinhgia.ufm.edu.vn
  • Address: Room 208, 2C Pho Quang St., Ward 2, Tan Binh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam