Undergraduate Programs

Introduction to Undergraduate Programs

  • Undergraduate training programs of the University of Finance-Marketing started in the academic year of 2004 according to the decision to upgrade the Semi-public College of Marketing to the University of Finance & Marketing (UFM) in accordance with the Decision No. 29/2004 / QD-TTg of the Prime Minister signed on 05/03/2004. Over the past 10 years, with new missions and position, UFM has rapidly grown in terms of scale and quality of training. At present, UFM has 13 faculties (academic departments), enrolls more than 2,500 students per year nationwide and internationally and has awarded graduation degrees to more than 30,000 students in all kinds of majors and training modes. UFM offers three undergraduate programs including:
    • Mass regular programs
    • Special programs
    • High-quality programs
  • In order to meet the increasing demand in professional practice, UFM has issued regulations on learning outcome standards (foreign languages, computer science, soft skills) towards an advanced direction to meet the requirements of the society and to also aim to provide students with the most sufficient capability to access the job market quickly and effectively. With the quality of training being increasingly focused and improved, graduates are appreciated by the society and the business community; many alumni are now holding high management positions (business owners, directors, directors-general, heads of department, etc. in domestic and foreign-invested business enterprises.
  • Implementing the training strategy, UFM has gradually standardized its training programs, applied the credit-based system of education, developed the high quality and international training programs, carried out self-assessment in accordance with the Ministry of Education's set of standards for tertiary education institutions and gradually evaluates all of its branches of learning according to the standards of Asian University Network (AUN) with an aim to lead the university's education quality towards meeting its target: "By the year 2030, the University of Finance - Marketing will become a multidisciplinary, multi-level university and a national and regional business and management consulting center."