Development Objectives



1.1. Goals
  • To build the University of Finance - Marketing into a leading academic institution for undergraduate and graduate programs, and a center for scientific and technological research in the country and a prestigious institution in the region in the field of business and management;
  • To have a rational structure and training mode in association with building a learning society, ensuring conditions for raising the training quality;
  • To combine traditional and modern values, maintaining the socialist orientation and bearing the national identity;
  • By 2020 UFM will have become an application-oriented university, accredited by the Ministry of Education and Training, some of its training programs will meet the quality standards of the ASEAN University Network (AUN-QA). By the year 2030, the University will attain a state-of-the-art university in Southeast Asia.

1.2. Objectives
  • Training
    By 2020, the University's training scale will amount to 17,000 students, of which, the application-oriented training programs account for about 60-65%. In the period of 2025 - 2030, the training scale will be stabilized at 18,000 (regular full-time students will not exceed 15,000); of which, the application- oriented training programs account for about 65-70%.
  • Science and Technology
    The University will become a national and regional business and management consulting center. The percentage of lecturers whose research findings are published in domestic and foreign scientific and technological journals or technology transfer and applications shall not be lower than 50% in 2020; by 2025 not less than 70% and by 2030 not less than 90%.
  • International cooperation programs
    The University implements cooperation programs in training and scientific research with various universities in developed countries: by 2020 at least 2 programs, by 2025 at least 3 programs, and by 2030 at least 5 programs. UFM will conduct cooperation programs in training and exchanging students with domestic and foreign universities: at least one program by 2020 and at least two programs by 2025, and at least 3 programs by 2030.
  • Human resources
    The teaching staff and managers meet the standards of each professional title in accordance with the relevant legal documents. By 2020, the scale of human resources will consist of about 650 lecturers and staff, in which the faculty with doctoral degree will account for about 15%. By 2025, the human resources scale will be about 800 lecturers and staff, in which doctorate holders account for 15% - 20%. By 2030, the human resources scale is about 800 lecturers and staff, of which doctorate holders account for over 20%.
  • Facilities
    By 2020, the University’s facilities will basically meet the current requirements for an application-oriented university. By 2025, UFM will expand its campuses for training and scientific research. By 2030, the facilities will be developed synchronously, modernly in, large-scale, floor area reaching 3m2 per student.
  • Organizational culture
    Building and improving the core values of the University; promoting traditional values in combination with modern values associated with the development of the University with its application orientation; making UFM’s culture permeate all activities and operations of the University; building UFM’s quality culture.
  • Organizational structure
    The organizational structure of the University has been improved according to the Charter of the University, in accordance with the University's development requirements for each period.
  • Financial matters
    The University implements the financial autonomy, ensuring 100% of recurrent expenditure and investment. At the same time, full implementation of the policies for learners. At least 50% of the prescribed revenue will be used for activities to improve the training quality, retrain its faculty and staff and invest in development projects. The University fulfills all financial obligations to the State as regulated.
  • Quality assurance
    By the year 2020, the University will meet the educational quality standards set by the Ministry of Education and Training, and at least 2 training programs will meet AUN-QA standards. By 2025, there will be at least 6 AUN-QA accredited training programs. By 2030, 50% of UFM’s training programs will meet the AUN-QA accreditation standards and the University will achieve a state-of-the-art university in Southeast Asia.
  • Brand media communications
    Enhancing the brand value of the University of Finance – Marketing (UFM); building and communicating/conveying UFM’s image as a brand of an institution for nationally- and regionally-oriented business, management, and application that brings UFM brand image to all the people for their broader understanding of the UFM brand consistently.


  • Respect for intellectual values and professional ethics
    To build an educational, scientific and technological environment for creativity, being aware of developing intellectual values in service of training people who will both have highly professional capabilities and are responsible citizens.
  • Encouraging creativity and nurturing passion
    UFM is an environment that encourages creativity and innovation; a place to nurture the enthusiasm and passion of generations of officials, lecturers, students, graduate students and doctoral students. It is the foundation of innovation and the breakthroughs to affirm the University’s brand.
  • Respect for differences and attaching special attention to partnership/ cooperation
    The resonance of synergy with differences helps UFM associate all of its members with the common goal, creating the strongest synergy. The University gives prominence to and respects academic autonomy.
  • Appreciation of quality and efficiency
    Quality - efficiency is both a path and a goal to strive for so that the University of Finance - Marketing can reach the national and regional level. Quality and efficiency are reflected in all aspects of the University's activities and in all units of the University.