No. Company name Homepage
1 Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock Bank https://www.sacombank.com.vn/Pages/default.aspx
2 Vietnam Export Import Commercial Joint - Stock Bank https://www.eximbank.com.vn/home/
3 An Binh Commercial Join Stock Bank https://www.abbank.vn/
4 Vietnam Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock Bank http://www.vietbank.com.vn/
5 Vietnam Prosperity Joint Stock Commercial Bank http://www.vpbank.com.vn/
6 Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank https://www.techcombank.com.vn/trang-chub
7 Australia And New Zealand Bank https://www.anz.com/vietnam/en/Personal/
8 Vietnam Public Joint Stock Commercial Bank http://www.pvcombank.com.vn/
9 Ho Chi Minh City Development Joint Stock https://www.hdbank.com.vn/
10 Vietnam International Commercial Joint Stock Bank https://vib.com.vn/wps/portal/vn
11 Vietnam Maritime Commercial Joint Stock Bank https://www.msb.com.vn/
12 Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank https://www.mbbank.com.vn/Pages/Default.aspx
13 Standard Chartered Bank https://www.sc.com/vn/
14 Nam A Commercial Join Stock Bank http://www.namabank.com.vn/
15 DongA Bank http://www.dongabank.com.vn/
16 LienViet Post Joint Stock Commercial Bank http://www.lienvietpostbank.com.vn/
17 Manulife Vietnam Company Limited http://www.manulife.com.vn/manulife-viet-nam-201.aspx
18 Hanwha Life Insurance Company Limited http://www.hanwhalife.com.vn/
19 Prudential Vietnam Finance Company https://www.prudentialfinance.com.vn/vi/index.pru
20 Rainbow Consulting Services http://www.rainboworldwide.com/home.html
21 Mirae Asset Finance Company (Viet Nam) Limited http://mafc.com.vn/
22 Alibaba Consulting Service Company Limited http://alibabagroup.vn/
23 TPM Tax Agency & Consulting Corporation http://tpm.com.vn/
24 A. I. Global Sun Partners Joint Stock Company http://ags-vn.com/en/
25 Smartnet Service & Trade Company Limited https://smart.net.vn/
26 Sun Life Vietnam Insurance Company Limited https://sunlife.com.vn/
27 HD Saison Finance Company Limited http://www.hdsaison.com.vn
28 TND Auditing and Accounting Company Limited http://www.tndvn.com/
29 Pasal English Education Company, LTD. http://pasal.edu.vn/
30 Viet Victory Practical Training Center http://vietvictory.vn/
31 Professional PG Company Limited http://propg.com.vn/
32 Saigon Training & Media Company, LTD. http://stmc.vn/
33 BMG International Education http://bmg.edu.vn/
34 Vietnam HAVAS Media Company Limited http://www.havasmedia.com/
35 JOLO Education Company Limited http://www.jolo.edu.vn/en/
36 SQUARE Communications Joint Stock Company http://squaregroup.com.vn/
37 CPA Australia https://www.cpaaustralia.com.au/
38 Global Manpower International Investment Training http://gmp.globalmanpower.vn/
39 Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange Department https://www.hsx.vn
40 Saigon Vista Corporation http://savista.com.vn/
41 Nam Phat Consulting Joint Stock Company http://namphatland.com/
42 Danh Khoi A Chau Real Estate Joint Stock Company http://dkra.com.vn/
43 UNIHOMES Joint Stock Company http://unihomes.vn/
44 Song Pha Training and Appraisal Auction http://www.songpha.com/
45 Ho Chi Minh City Securities Corporation https://www.hsc.com.vn/vn
46 Dat Xanh Real Estate Service and Construction Co. https://www.datxanh.vn/
47 Dong Nam Bo Green Land Services and Investment CO., LTD. http://datxanhdongnambo.com.vn/
48 Danh Khoi Viet Real Estate Joint Stock Company http://dkrv.com.vn/
49 Phu Hung Securities Corporation https://www.phs.vn/
50 Thinh Vuong Evaluation and Real Estate Business Investment Corporation http://thinhvuongcorp.com.vn/trang-chu/110
51 Viet Star Real Estate Service Co., LTD. http://savireal.com/
52 Saigon House Investment and Development Corporation http://saigonhouse.vn/
53 Khuong Thinh Investment Joint Stock Company http://khuongthinh.com.vn/
54 Van An Phat Real Estate Joint Stock Company http://vananphatland.com/
55 Duc Tin Real Estate Construction and Services JSC http://ductinbds.com.vn/
56 Kim Phat Real Estate Joint Stock Company http://kimphatrealestate.com.vn/
57 Khai Hoan Land Real Estate Joint Stock Company http://khaihoanland.vn/
58 Smartland Company Limited http://smartland.vn/
59 TNR Holdings Real Estate Investment and Development Joint Stock Company http://tnrvietnam.com.vn/
60 STARREAL Real Estate Service Joint Stock Company http://starreal.com.vn/
61 FPT Telecom Joint Stock Company https://www.fpt.vn/
62 Two Four Seven Joint Stock Company https://247post.vn/
63 Viettel Group http://viettel.com.vn/
64 BTC Information Service Trading CO.,LTD http://btccorp.vn/
65 ROSY Software Joint Stock Company http://www.rosysoft.vn/
66 BRAVO Software Joint Stock Company http://www.bravo.com.vn/
67 FAST Enterprise Management Software Company http://fast.com.vn/
68 MISA Joint Stock Company http://www.misa.com.vn/
69 Vietnam Umbala Joint Stock Company https://umbala.vn/
70 Development Software Joint Stock Company http://www.phattrienvn.com/
71 CleverAds Smart Advertising Joint Stock Company http://cleverads.vn/
72 GLANDORE Systems Vietnam Company Limited http://software.qtsc.com.vn/
73 Phu Si International Services Development Joint Stock Company http://fujico.edu.vn/
74 FIBO Investment and Technology Company Limited http://fibo.vn/
75 MAPER Investment Joint Stock Company http://www.maper.vn/
76 Trong Tin Computer Trade & Service Company Limited http://trongtincomputer.com/
77 P.A Viet Nam Company Limited www.pavietnam.vn/
78 UBER Vietnam Company Limited https://www.uber.com/en-VN/
79 Sieu Nhat Thanh Company Limited http://www.snt.vn/
80 Dong Phuong Group http://dongphuonggroup.net/
81 Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers http://www.sheratonsaigon.com/
82 CCEVENTS Service Trading Company Limited http://ccevents.vn/
83 Ascott International Management (Vietnam) http://www.the-ascott.com/
84 Trung Nguyen Franchising Joint Stock company http://www.trungnguyen.com.vn/
85 Dream Holidays Coporation http://www.dreamholidays.vn/
86 FIDITOUR Joint Stock Company https://www.fiditour.com/
87 Saigon Sherwood Suites Hotel http://www.sherwoodresidence.com/
88 Saigon Lotte Legend Hotel http://www.lottehotel.com
89 KINGDOM Group http://www.kingdomkaraoke.vn/
90 Le Méridien Saigon Hotel http://www.lemeridiensaigon.com/
91 KFC Vietnam Joint Venture Company http://www.kfcvietnam.com.vn/
92 Golden Gate Trade & Service Joint Stock company http://ggg.com.vn/
93 California Fitness & Yoga Centers Company Limited http://www.cfyc.com.vn/
94 Saigon Travel And Development Languages Joint Stock Company http://baloenglish.vn/
95 Viet Tinh Anh Joint Stock Company http://www.viettinhanh.com.vn/vi/index.html
96 TI TA Market Research Company Limited http://titaresearch.com.vn/
97 AUDOOR Saigon Company Limited http://audoorsaigon.com/
98 Y-MED Company Limited http://y-med.asia/
99 NKID Corporation http://nkidcorp.com/
100 FPT Digital Retail Joint Stock Company http://vieclam.fptshop.com.vn/
101 SCJ TV Shopping Company Limited https://www.scj.vn/
102 ACHISON Joint Stock Company http://www.achisonsafety.com.vn/
103 SAIGON - RDC Company Limited http://www.saigonrdc.com/
104 DAI DONG TIEN Corporation http://www.daidongtien.com.vn/
105 HOA SEN GROUP http://www.hoasengroup.vn/
106 28 Corporation One Member Limited Liability Company http://www.agtex.com.vn/en-US
107 AVERY DENNISON RIS VIETNAM Company Limited http://www.apparel.averydennison.com</td>
108 An Toan Glass Company Limited http://www.safetyglass.com.vn/
109 Hoa Sao Group https://hoasao.vn/
110 MM MEGA Market (Vietnam) Company Limited http://www.metro.com.vn/
111 Sieu Thanh Office Equipment Joint Stock Company http://sieuthanhricoh.vn/
112 Yilin Vietnam Company Limited http://www.yilinvn.com/
113 Nhat Phat Investment And Trading Joint Stok Company http://nhatphatgroup.vn/
114 Saigon Co.op http://www.saigonco-op.com.vn/
115 Informatics Sky Trading Services Joint Stock Company http:// www.beesnext.com/
116 Recess Logistics And Retail Company Limited https://www.robins.vn/
117 Vietnam Brewery Limited http://www.mekongmedia.com.vn/
118 Bao Viet Securities Joint Stock Company – Ho Chi Minh Branch http://www.mekongmedia.com.vn/
119 Tokyo Deli Food Company Limited http://www.mekongmedia.com.vn/
120 Mekong Communications http://www.mekongmedia.com.vn/
121 Australia Saigon International Education Co-operation Company Limited http://aus.edu.vn/default.aspx
122 Intercontinental Asiana Saigon Resideces https://www.intercontinental.com/HoChiMinhCity